A Recent #Progressive #Insurance Ad: NBA Weighs In

At the bottom of this post, you can view one of the latest wacky ads from Progressive featuring not only their cloyingly-bubbly ad-spokesperson Flo, but also her new assistant- Pickles the dog. In the commercial, Flo actually refers to Pickles as Progressive’s “Insurance Specialist”. With the push of a button, Pickles shows the client a table comparing different rates from a number of different companies.

While the Progressive ads featuring Flo may have seemed cute in the beginning, they have become increasingly unfocused and chaotic. What I am getting from this advertisement is that there are no insurance specialists at Progressive to speak about– all we are shown is a dog with a cute outfit. Furthermore, it also tells me that when you call them for a quote, you do not always know who you’re talking to.

Summing up all of your needs with a button really makes you, the client, just another number. And those who work in the insurance business would probably agree when I say that helping a client takes a much more honest effort than pushing one button.

This post may seem like a simple criticism of a competing insurance company’s advertising campaign. But, it’s not. And I’ll tell you why.

Here, at NBA Insurance Agency, Inc., you are dealing with human beings. Real people like you. We go much further than pushing buttons and punching numbers for our clients. Customer service is the reason our clients have stayed with us for years- some even for decades. We go out of our way to make insurance convenient for you, the customer. We also make it affordable without cutting the important coverages you need for you and your vehicle.

If you’d ever like to review your current policy, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 781-871-5414 or drop us a line: tc@nbainsurance.com ! We’re happy to help! If you’d like a quote or you know someone who would, you can trust that we will show them the same quality service we have shown you.

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