#Aerosmith Guitarist #JoePerry Has Motorcycle Accident in MA

You may have already heard that Aerosmith’s guitarist Joe Perry got into a motorcycle accident this past Thursday near his home in MA. According to local papers, a 62 year old woman in a Chevy Malibu rear-ended Perry’s Ducati Monster Motorcycle (which looks something like the photo to the right). The other driver was charged with following a motorist too closely.

Check out this mini bio summary from Wikipedia on the rockstar:

Perry was born in Lawrence, MA and grew up in Hopedale, MA, a small town near Milford. He is the lead guitarist and back up vocalist to Aerosmith. There, his father was an accountant and his mother a high school gym teacher and later an aerobics instructor. She later retired to Arizona when Perry’s father died in 1975. Perry also attended the prep school Vermont Academy, a boarding school of about 230 students in Saxtons River, Vermont. Currently Perry lives on Sleepy Hollow Farm in South Pomfret, Vermont where he raises prized Friesian horses.

Perry only had minor injuries and should consider himself lucky. Take a look at the following tips for drivers on how to keep bikers safe; courtesy of The Motorcycle Safety Foundation’s site for Car Drivers.

1. In more than half of motorcycle accidents, the motorist is found at fault.

2. Since motorcycles are much smaller than cars, you may miss them in your blind spot when you are at an intersection or changing lanes on the highway. Take an extra moment to look in your blind spot to be sure before endangering any motorcyclist.

3. Because a motorcycle is considerably smaller than a car, you may not be able to accurately judge their speed when passing them on a highway or at an intersection. Always assume they are closer and moving more quickly than they seem.

4. When a motorcyclist is slowing down, they do not always use the brake. Sometimes, they just use the throttle or ease off the gas. For this reason, their slowing down does not activate a brake light. Thus, leave extra room between you and a bike ahead of you for such instances.

5. Be aware that when you see a motorcyclist moving around in one lane, he or she is doing so to avoid debris or gravel in the road– not to show off.

6. Turn signals on a bike do not automatically turn off after they have made their turn. So, if you see a bike’s blinker going for an extended period of time, they may have just forgotten to turn it off.

7. Although bikes have more maneuverability than cars, their drivers aren’t heroes. Don’t drive to endanger them assuming they will get out of your way.

8. It takes longer for a motorcycle than a car to come to a complete stop. Give them their space when they are ahead of you coming toward a stop sign, a light, or heavy traffic.

For more information, check out The Motorcycle Safety Foundation’s site for Car Drivers.

If you’re a motorcyclist, you can check out rules on how to protect yourself at The Motorcycle Safety Foundation’s Homesite.

2 Responses to #Aerosmith Guitarist #JoePerry Has Motorcycle Accident in MA

  1. Drew says:

    I guess I didn’t realize tip #8. That’s good to know!

  2. Jawwney says:

    Rock on Joe Perry!

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