LoJack Lists Top Vehicles With Highest Theft Rates: NBA Insurance

Holding the number 1 spot is the Cadillac Escalade– this luxury SUV is also one of the most expensive cars that insurance companies cover (photo right).

And the runners-up: #2 the Ford F-250 Crew Pickup, Infiniti G37, and the Dodge Charger with a Hemi engine.

At the bottom of the list is the Toyota Prius. It’s not a surprise about the statistics: average theft loss for an Escalade is around $11000; average loss for a Prius is around $2000.

LoJack reports that even though the Escalade comes with an engine immobilizer, thieves usually get around it by just hauling it away on a flatbed.

Did you know that installing a LoJack device can save you on your auto insurance? If you have it installed, let us know!

If you have an anti theft device installed in your vehicle, you are also entitled to a credit- whether it’s an anti-theft alarm, OnStar or an engine immobilizer, make sure to let us know!

(Source for this information: LoJack. Click here for the full article.)

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