This Story Will Make You Feel Warm and Fuzzy Inside. Love Commerce Insurance! #insurance

About a week ago, I read an article at that is totally “Awwwww”-inducing.

Gerald Fels, the former CEO of Commerce Insurance, donated $150,000 to the Town of Webster, specifically to the police department.

Fels, now retired, works as the interim president of Nichols College, made the donation in order to make Webster more safer: he directed his donation to the police department. The $150,000  will pay for the town to hire a new police officer to patrol downtown Webster for the next two years.

Local businesses are optimistic. They believe that the new police attention to the downtown area will bring in more consumers and boost business. In the end, they hope it will help develop the area for the better.

Check out what Fels had to say:

“People were good to me when I came to this country back in 1960.  A local church group gave me a sponsorship for five years, the local business community sent me to Nichols for five years.  They’ve been good to me so why shouldn’t I give back.”


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