South Shore Weather Update- We’ll Let You Know What’s Going On! #insurance #southshore

A Somerville Public Safety Building was just evacuated due to flooding. This building also flooded in July. (Source: 7News)

Flood advisories have been issued for the following counties: Essex, Middlesex, Norfolk. A high surf advisory has also been issued for coastal communities. (Source:

You can be sure though that there is street flooding in areas without a specific flood advisory. So follow the tips below (pasted from an earlier post of mine during another rainy set of days)! And most of all: BE CAREFUL!!

Check out our tips for driving through flooded areas:

DRIVING TIPS: (Source: eHow)

If you cannot avoid driving through floodwaters, take the following precautions:

-Drive slower due to the minimized visibility and water in the road. You are at risk of hydroplaning. Avoid puddles. Don’t take any sharp turns. Don’t slam on the brakes.

-If you do hydroplane, ease off your brakes and avoid swerving until  your car regains traction with the road.

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