Wicked Cool Car I HAD to Share With You Guys. Antique goes ELECTRIC. Someone try this. #insurance

Check out the above Replica MG TD. Not totally sure what the year is- you’re seeing a custom top on top of an old Beetle. I found this on Wired.com.

Wired refers to this ingenuity as a “homebrewed” electric car. Of course, back when MG TDs were the bee’s knees, they spewed CFCs (as older cars do!)

Doug Small decided that he would change their rep. He actually electrified this automobile. He began planning the project four years ago and began all the mechanical work two years ago (Sept. ’08).

“Everything was readily available online,” Small said. “The most difficult challenge was figuring out the battery layout. There was a bit of trial and error, but I finally found optimal battery positioning.”

Well, that kind of proves that the internet makes nearly everything possible.

Here are the specs:

Battery: 6.5 hrs to recharge

Mileage: 20-25 miles

Top Speed: 55 mph

Here’s what it looks like on the inside!!!

Oh wouldn’t it be nice to never visit a gas station or have an oil change? *sigh*

Source for all of this: Wired.com

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