Election Day is TUESDAY! Find out what there is to vote for. Make it count!

Check out 7News.com’s guide to the candidates and what they are all about.

This is also one of those elections where voters tend not to turn out as much (versus the big turnouts garnered by presidential elections or senate/governor elections). However, I’d like to stress that this is a pretty important one. Without getting political, it’s pretty clear that with our state being in such a budget deficit, who you choose matters.

I found some articles that spell out what each open position is responsible for (for your reference). Although I think I’m politically savvy — or I at least hold my own in a conversation– I found these sites helpful. To read more, click the position you are most interested in.

Treasurer – The chief banker. Master of investments. He’s in charge of where the money goes but does not make decisions about taxes/etc.

Auditors – It’s more important than it sounds. They manage the budget and keep the state government in line, or accountable for their actions (mostly, financially-speaking).

House Reps – They’re the law makers in DC. Making us proud (hopefully!)

PS- That photo is hilarious. You’re welcome. šŸ™‚

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