Young Girl From Norton, MA Saves Best Friend From Fiery Car Crash #thisreallyhappened

Do you have a

friend like this?

Meant to write about this earlier! Darn grad school.

It just goes to show, though, that this story was pretty important. It definitely left an impression on me.

Michelle Umberger, 17, of Norton, was driving home in her Ford Explorer one night after work. She reports that she was taking the same road she always took when suddenly, he steering wheel locked up. Next thing she knew, she lost control of the vehicle and slammed into the tree. The front end scrunched up against the tree, which ended up falling into the car, jamming her leg in one spot. Michelle was stuck and only semi-conscious.

Rebecca Morse, also a Norton teen, was driving behind Michelle and immediately pulled over. Despite the fact that parts of the tree had also fallen on her car, she went right into action.

“It was like an adrenaline rush and I just needed her to get out, so I just remembered pulling as hard as I could. (I) half-carried her, half-dragged her to my car. I turned around, and the car was immediately, and completely engulfed in flames. The whole thing was on fire,” said Rebecca.

Both girls know what could have happened.

“I definitely just wouldn’t be alive if she wasn’t there,” said Michelle.

Source is 7News. There’s also a video if you’re interested.

This really makes you think though.

Do you have a friend who would pull you out of a burning vehicle?

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