Happy Friday and Protect Your Identity — Pretty Important Stuff #insurance


I came across these Identity Protection tips courtesy of Rockland Federal Credit Union and I added some of my own.

I thought I’d share them with you. You never can be too careful!

1. NEVER EVER give out your checking account, credit card info, or Social Security number to unknown callers or to telephone salesmen.

2. NEVER EVER give out your ATM, Check Card or your PIN number.

3. Memorize your PIN. Don’t write it anywhere in your wallet or on the physical card. That’s like asking someone to take all your money.

4. Review your account statements when you get them and report any unknown transactions as soon as you can. If you get e-Statements, this can be done even more quickly.

5. Report lost or stolen cards/checks as soon as you know they’re gone.

6. Never leave your checkbook in your car. Store checks and deposit slips in a secure location. If you are disposing of any canceled/void checks, do it properly — shred them to pieces.

7. Be aware of your receipts. If you throw away a receipt with your card number on it, you are releasing the information to the public. Shred these or store them in a secure place.

8. Keep personal information like the above documents in a secure place even at home. You never know what a stranger (the cable repairman or even a party guest) would do if they got their hands on it.

9. When you close an account anywhere, shred all the paperwork from it for disposal!

10. If your home is burglarized, check to see if any important papers have been stolen. Really look close because some burglars will take the checks from the bottom or middle of your checkbook.

11. Computers are important too! Don’t store all of your passwords in a Word document. If you *do* choose to do that, make the document password-protected.

12. Use different passwords for everything. If you use the same password for everything, you are an easier egg to crack. Using numbers and capitalizing letters makes your password more elusive to hackers/cyber intruders.

13. Password-protect the desktop on your computer so it’s harder for a stranger to log-on.

14. Don’t share your passwords with anyone. Especially your Facebook — imagine the damage that could go down!

Did you know NBA Insurance offers Identity Theft/Fraud protection? It’s pretty cheap to add if it’s not on your policy already– sometimes only $25 per year. Ask us about it by emailing me at Liz@NBAInsurance.com or Todd at TC@NBAInsurance.com.

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