Hands-Free Technology Just Got Even More Important #insurance #driversafety

7News recently did a report on safe driving technology. Apps for your phone that will keep your eyes on your road and your hands on the wheel.

These apps are voice-activated. They not only make your calls hands-free, but also your texts and your emails. The app can actually read any received messages out loud to you. And you can reply.

Of course, these apps aren’t 100% accurate– like any voice-operated technology, there can definitely be some errors. But, it’s really not half bad.

Watch 7News’ Report and read their article here.

Personally, I’m interested in trying an app I saw FOR FREE on my phone called Drive Safely. It’s available for Droids and Blackberries (soon to come to the iPhone!) I’ll let you know how I make out with it — there may be a reason it is free.

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