Pong. The New Anti-Cell Phone Radiation Case, Approved by the FCC. Check it Out! #insurance

I came across this product in one of my newsletters yesterday. Pong is an Anti-Cell Phone Radiation Case. A lot of products are out there, but Pong is the only one to be approved by the FCC. They only sell cases for iPhones and Blackberry Curves– many more to come!

They may seem pricey, but it is important to remember that if it does turn out that cell-phone radiation really causes brain cancer, the Pong is going to save you thousands of dollars in hospitalization fees.

Annnnd because you’ve read this far, you can visit their website and snag one of these for yourself or for a friend for 50% off. Use the code: VITALJUICE50 at the checkout screen. Watch the video below to get better acquainted with how this technology works. Click here to see a table to see how your cellphone ranks among others in terms of radiation emission. For some reason, they didn’t list the Apple iPhone on the page, but I read that the iPhone emits a SAR level of 1.6 (the maximum allowed in America).

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