LOVED this Story. Couple Marries 65 Years After They’re Engaged. #insurance #southshore

That’s what I call a long engagement.

This story comes from the Patriot Ledger, Weymouth, MA. Karl Eric Ericson and Margaret MacNeil just got married on Saturday, October 2, 2010, 65 years after they first were engaged. Karl is 86 and Margaret is 82.

In 1946, Margaret broke off their first engagement – “I was four years younger and got scared.” Both of them married other people and had long and happy marriages– Karl and his late wife for 60 years and Margaret and her late husband for 54.

They had their wedding at the Living Hope Four Square Church amongst children, grandchildren, a great-grandchild, nieces and nephews. In all, 70 family members and friends were there as Margaret’s son, Ted MacNeil served as minister to the ceremony.

Get this- the ring that Ericson slipped on his new bride’s finger was THE SAME ONE she had accepted and returned back to him in 1946. He had kept it ever since, in a box, with photos of them together.

Visit this link to see the full article and an audio recording with photos of interviews with the couple and a soundbyte from the ceremony– all courtesy of the Patriot Ledger.

(This post was taken from my sister blog, Morse Diving)

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