Have You Heard About the Positive Post-it Project?

I came across this on Facebook yesterday called “The Positive Post-it Project” and it actually reminds me of a book I’m currently reading called, The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin (which is very, very good- I can tell you though I have a ways to go). Rubin uses the book to test out a number of theories on what makes people happy (from Oprah-isms to the teachings of Gandhi) and writes about that the experience teaches her.

Aside from that tangent, check out The Positive Post-it Project .

It’s really a nice sentiment:

The concept is simple:
1. Take a sticky note or two (or ten!) this week and…
2. write something positive on it! Anything from a “You’re wonderful” to “Everything will be okay” to an inspirational quote to just a smiley face. Then…
3. stick it somewhere unique! Ideas? Inside a class copy of a textbook, on a table at Starbucks, the backside of a public bathroom stall door, inside a school desk, anywhere! (Be respectful!)

We live in a world where depression feels like the norm, and plastic smiles are a dime a dozen. And we’ve all had those days where we just need something uplifting! I know it seems small, but it might make the difference to someone out there! So keep a pack of sticky notes with you this week, and take five seconds to make someone smile 🙂
And invite your friends, too!

*Again, please be respectful! The key is to be personable and unexpected, not to litter*


You can RSVP to the event on Facebook by clicking here.

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