Tips for Halloween Safety #insurance #halloween

Halloween Safety


1. Check for any local sex offenders. You don’t want to be trick-or-treating at their houses.

2. Accompany your children when trick-or-treating. If you can’t go, then send another parent. If no one goes, then you should know their route and ask that they check in with you every hour or so. Make sure it is a safe area.

3. If you child’s costume involves a mask, make sure they still have peripheral vision. They need to be aware of their surroundings.

4. If you have older kids or teens going to a party, you should at least know where it is being held in case of emergency or if they need to be picked up. Set a curfew.

5. Discourage any acts of vandalism or animal cruelty (both are popular crimes on Halloween).

6. Make sure your kids’ costumes fit them properly so they do not trip when out walking. And make sure any of their props are safe to hold on to. Any knives and pitchforks should be made out of plastic (NOT real) and dull so that if your child does fall, they won’t be hurt.

7. Make sure they don’t talk to strangers.

8. Be careful when crossing any streets.


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