– A Charming Solution to Asking for a Raise (Pretty cool stuff!)

OK- So have you ever had that awkward feeling at work? You think to yourself, “It’s been x amount of years that I’ve worked like a crazy person. And I still only make $X amount of dollars per year??”

It is an awkward feeling. You love your job. You love your coworkers. You may even be lucky enough to love the work you do! But then you think, shouldn’t I be making more money?

Well, the Internet always has an answer. This answer comes from This website is truly brilliant.

On your first trip to, you go through some prompts to Get Started. At this juncture, the Deus ex Machina built-in to their site tells you whether you are overpaid or underpaid, or paid what you deserve. They base this on your occupation, current salary, and interestingly enough, your zip code.

That is the free service they offer. If it turns out you are underpaid, offers you a written letter (costs $20) you can email or hand to your employer requesting a raise. They do not send it on your behalf, but rather provide you with the copy needed to give to your boss.

After providing you with this letter, they also give you a 100% money-back guaranty that you will get a raise within the next six months. If you don’t, you get your money-back. Seriously.

If you’re curious, like I was, check out to see what they’re all about. The entire website itself is actually quite charming. And they have a very helpful FAQ Section.

One Response to – A Charming Solution to Asking for a Raise (Pretty cool stuff!)

  1. Aww…we try to be charming. And helpful!

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