Take Insurance 101 with Commerce Insurance (And no, this does not involve going back to school).

If you have ever explored the Commerce Insurance website, (and I’m willing to bet you haven’t) you might have noticed a link called “Insurance 101.”

One of my primary responsibilities as “insurance-agent” is to answer customer questions like “What does Bodily Injury Coverage really cover?” And “Why would anyone need such high limits?” Etc etc. Of course I don’t mind answering the questions — it makes me feel smarter actually, but I thought I’d share this resource with you. Especially since some of you may feel shy about asking.

Insurance 101 provides answers to these common questions in everyday terms for both auto and home insurance policies. It makes insurance way more user-friendly and gives consumers a better idea of what they’re getting in terms of coverage.

But of course- if you do have any questions, you can always ask us too! If you can’t tell, I love to talk.

Call us (1-781-871-5414) or email for a free quote: Liz@NBAInsurance.com! And don’t forget to tell your friends, Like Us on Facebook and Follow us on Twitter. 😉

[Source: CommerceInsurance.com]

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