Trying to do Black Friday? Here’s My Advice. :-)

I’m not even totally certain any of you went shopping this morning. In fact, this was my first year not partaking in the insanity.

My primary motivation to go in the past was not to get a 42″ LCD HDTV or a new laptop, but actually to people watch. Black Friday really brings out the carnal instincts in people– it’s utterly fascinating. Why go on a safari when you can goto the mall? It’s really like a large-scale Running of the Brides.

(For those of you who don’t know, Running of the Brides refers to the yearly wedding dress sale at -I think- Filene’s Basement? It’s super intense and probably a tad more violent than Black Friday. I say this because women are fiercer shoppers than men for the most part.)

But today is a really good day to get a great deal. I advise you all to think of those you have to buy presents for this holiday season and browse online. It can be overwhelming, so I’ll recommend the following websites as the hub of easy-black-friday shopping. ALSO- Note that the deals are just as good this Monday (they call it Cyber Monday). So really, this is a great weekend to get everything done. Most stores are offering free shipping as well- something to consider. – It has the Black Friday ads and info for every major retailer. Also, some tips. – New product every 15-30 minutes is on their Lightning Deals page. I saw Blu-Ray DVDs for only $4.99 (great titles!) as well as some sweet TVs if you’re going for the gold. They also had a Kindle this morning for $89 (say WHAT!) – If you are a Borders Rewards member, log in and check out what they have to offer. It’s much better than you think– and check your email, they sent a 50% off any item to be used in-store this weekend. You don’t need to be in their Plus+ program to take advantage of some great offers.

And watch for Cyber Monday! I’ll be posting some deals to our FB page as well:

Enjoy! Happy Turkey and be safe!

If you’re looking for a quote, look no further. Email or call 1-781-871-5414 for more details.

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