Get Your Shovels! This Weekend’s Storm Can Get Really Expensive…

What They’re


Channel 7’s Dylan Dreyer says, “So for you folks who want honesty…you’ve got it (I can’t tell a lie!) Confidence is building with how this storm will work out, but it’s still only Friday morning and the storm isn’t expected until late Sunday. Models are coming into more consensus indicating that our first measurable snow of the season will likely occur.”

Channel 5’s Harvey Leonard says, “It is now definite that the storm will come close enough to give us heavy amounts of precipitation. The most difficult aspect of this storm will be determining the rain-snow line.”

WBZ-4’s Barry Burbank says, “As the Pats host the Packers Sunday evening, there could be some snow showers or a bit of light snow with temperatures near 30-32 degrees with a bit of a breeze. Presently, I am not expecting a real Snow Bowl there. Once the potential backlash snows and winds subside late Wednesday, it will turn sunnier with near seasonable highs of the upper 30s to 40 degrees on Thursday and Christmas Eve. Another threatening storm close to Christmas can only be conjecture at this point in time.”

What I’m Saying…

I’m thinking that no matter what all those guys say, something’s going down on Sunday. And it will probably be both messy, snowy, mixy and slippery. It’s best to be prepared.

What This Has to Do With Your Insurance

I read an article recently on on how snow removal is becoming more and more of a burden. More and more clumsy individuals are becoming claimants against your homeowner’s or businessowner’s liability policies.

Homeowners and businessowners need to abide by the clause, “act like a reasonable person.” What do they mean? Expense of snow removal and Seriousness/probability of harm are factors in deciding if a person/homeowner acted reasonably. It is a retroactive rule, therefore applicable to all pending claims with a 3-year statute of limitations.

Predictions? I think it might not impact how much you pay. But be wary- shovel the driveway. Don’t invite over any strangers during this snowstorm. They might fall and sue you.

2 Responses to Get Your Shovels! This Weekend’s Storm Can Get Really Expensive…

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