Big Brother is Watching You…Drive?! New App Allows Drivers to Report Other Drivers!

So I saw this and had to share it with you.

I recently heard about drone planes that have been recently introduced into aerial police forces in order to automatically charge drivers with speeding. That was creepy.

Now I’m hearing about a new app called DriveMeCrazy. The premise is that any smartphone user (iPhone, Blackberry, Droid users) can issue automobile citations to any driver on the road. Literally with the push of a button. The smartphone user (potentially you, if you are driven-crazy enough) recites the “bad” driver’s license plate number and the “bad” driver is issued a virtual ticket and is flagged. All of his information, as well as the date/time/location of the report, is sent to the DMV and insurance company.

The app’s creator, Shazam co-founder Philip Inghelbrecht, believes it will reduce the amount of motor vehicle accidents. I suppose fear is a motivator.

Of course, that’s totally creepy. “Bad” driving is really subjective, which is why we might as well let the police worry about who is a good or bad driver. Giving that much power to the people can result in so many tickets and mar records otherwise perfect.

What’s to stop one of your enemies from reporting you? What about one of your intellectually-challenged friends? Maybe they would think it was funny to issue you a virtual citation. People can lie!

That’s just my vibe. Yours?


If you’re looking for a quote, look no further.


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One Response to Big Brother is Watching You…Drive?! New App Allows Drivers to Report Other Drivers!

  1. Philip says:

    Thanks Liz for the post and sharing your concerns.

    DriveMeCrazy is really not a big brother tool. Driving is one of the most public acts we can undertake: one small (stupid) mistake can impact the lives of many others. Your vehicle is already observed by your fellow motorists today and DriveMeCrazy is a mere technical platform (i.e. smartphone) to channel this. Similar programs have made significant positive impact e.g. trucks with 1800 How’s My Driving (citing up to 30% less accidents) and HERO in Washington state (lowest carpool violation rate in the country), etc. The goal is not to instill fear, instead provide people with constructive feedback i.e. many bad drivers are simply not aware of the impact they have on the majority of good drivers. Part of this effort involves creating an open system, which organizations such as the DMV or insurance companies can tap into. Insurance is a regulated industry, and their use of this data for setting premiums is far from established. Last but not least, we have numerous checks and balances in place to detect malicious or frivolous use, and remove suspicious flags accordingly. A next version of the app will provide the flagger with instant feedback as to whether a flag is rejected or accepted.

    Take care, Philip – CEO DriveMeCrazy

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