Missing Just One Present? Top 10 Last-Minute Gift Ideas!

If you are a procrastinator, this is not a time for you to be judged. This is also not a time for you to Magyver a present together out of leftover wrapping paper and pieces of string. The ticket to avoid disappointing those you love and those you are obliged to love during the holidays lies in the list below.

Top 10 Last-Minute Gifts (in no particular order)

1. Project Bread 7News Recipe Book: Does someone in your family love the 7News Team? Probably. Or if they don’t particularly love WHDH-7, they most certainly love food. Add the bonus of supporting a great cause –Project Bread (you know them from the Walk for Hunger) — and you have a great gift! Only $15 for 22 different recipes. 100% of the purchase goes to Project Bread and this gift is something you can print right off the computer.

2. Gift Card: Thank God for the Internet. If you have run out of gift ideas, a gift card is an easy solution. In fact, you can sometimes get a discount on a Gift Card if you are a Borders Rewards member (free to be a member). They have several OO’s (Overwhelming Offers) for gift cards to places like Gap, Sephora, Home Depot — all for 50% off. The catch with OO’s is that the deal is only active if a certain number of people unlock it. Much like the way Groupon works.

3. iTunes, eBooks and All That Jazz: Did you know that the iTunes gift card not only buys songs, but also eBooks and apps? You can give this just by printing it off your computer for the Apple in your family.

4. Tickets: Plane tickets, concert tickets, show tickets, Sox tickets — all of these can be bought in advance and printed. Thoughtful because of what you choose- whether you buy a loved one a trip to Spain or orchestra seats at the Opera House.

5. Liquor and Flowers: Liquor stores are open on Christmas Eve. So are supermarkets and convenience stores. It’s a good gift to bring if you are seeing family later that evening. Flowers and liquor is sometimes sold in combination as well.

6. A Website: Really! They do this now. While I wish there were more website-templates available, you can get someone their own dot-com & design package at ElsePage. $29.95.

7. The Good Card: A Gift Card redeemable to over 1.2 million charities. Give a gift that is truly good.

8. Hulu Plus: Whether you buy a month (~$8) of Hulu Plus for the TV Addict in your family or a year (~$95), they will love you for it. Hulu Plus lets you watch new episodes of TV on your time, streaming directly from hulu.com. Here’s a list of the premium shows that Plus members have access to.

9. Netflix: Great for the movie lover! With Netflix, as with Hulu, you can buy someone the membership for a month, up to a year. (Starting as low at $7.99/month to watch their selections instantly).

10. Make your gift!: If you don’t have much time, this can be as simple as scanning an old family photo onto your computer, increasing its size and printing it on  fancy paper using your color printer. Pop that into a frame that you have lying around and Voila! a thoughtful gift is born.

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