Think You’re Cutting Cost? Think Again.

"The Sad Car in Sad Colors" by Katoma, Borrowed from NBA Insurance: Auto, Home, Life, Boat, Massachusetts, Hingham, Boston, Walpole, Norwell, South Shore, All of MA, RI, Rhode Island, Insurance, Commercial Business, Since 1980.

Don't let your car look like the one above. Cute? Yes. But terribly sad.

In light of this economic downturn, morning shows like The Today Show and Good Morning America (among others) have been giving tips to consumers on best-spending-practices.

Quite honestly, most of their tips are pretty good… but not all.

Although I’m not an avid fan of these types of shows, I watch them every so often. Notably, in the past year, out of the dozen or less editions I’ve caught on TV, there were two or three that aimed to teach consumers how to cut cost on their insurance policies.

This needs to be addressed, alas- this blog post.

A young woman, whose name evades me, shared that to save money on car insurance, you should cut out collision and comprehensive coverages.

Of course, at the ungodly hour of 8am, or whenever this was disclosed on national television, I had an urge to throw my coffee mug at the TV. But I didn’t. I love my TV.

But seriously? Collision and comprehensive? Do you even care about your car? This would be like letting your child ride a bike without a helmet. Or driving without a seatbelt. Or tangoing on a dangerously high cliff. Your risking the physical security of your car.

Think of how much you drive. I, personally, drive -on average- about an hour and a half every day. Even if you drive a car that’s over 10 years old, they can retain their value quite well– some easily being worth a few thousand dollars despite having over 100,000 miles on them.

So if you cut the few hundred you might spend every year in physical damage coverage, you are risking the few thousand worth in your car. You might as well wave a wad of cash around in a dark alleyway.

Picture it – an insured’s nightmare – a tree limb falls and crushes your windshield. A drunk driver rear-ends you. You have just cut your comprehensive & collision coverages. Your car gets totalled – at fault or totally innocent, you must pay out-of-pocket for its repair or replacement.

If you don’t have physical damage coverage on your car now, feel free to give our office a call and we’ll give you a free quote adding coverage back on your policy– 781.871.5414 or 877.NBA.1980.

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  1. […] the physical damage coverage! I’ve said before how important it is to keep comprehensive and collision coverage on your vehicles. Cutting comprehensive coverage is the same thing as saying you are totally comfortable paying for […]

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