Before You Rev Up Your Bike, Boost Your Limits!


Sixty-eight and sunny is reason enough to dust off your motorcycle and rev your engines.

But before you hit the road, raise your bike’s liability limits.

Many insureds opt to lower limits during the winter season because they stop riding their bike. Car-drivers and motorcycle-riders can both benefit from higher limits! And you don’t have to break the bank.

Why do we have liability limits? To cover for cases of bodily injury and property damage. Remember, minimum limits rarely insure total losses on newer cars.

And the physical damage coverage! I’ve said before how important it is to keep comprehensive and collision coverage on your vehicles. Cutting comprehensive coverage is the same thing as saying you are totally comfortable paying for a new windshield. Don’t put your bank account through unnecessary pain.

If you would like a quote on raising your limits or if you just have a question, call our office at 781-871-5414.

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