Taking the Dive? Consider Wedding Insurance

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Look, I get it. Weddings are expensive. But if you think paying for an Elvis-impersonator to sing at your wedding is exorbitant, just imagine if you paid him and he didn’t show up. No music.

Or what if you paid the photographer who mysteriously disappeared after a bout of bad food poisoning? No photos.

WORSE: What if your bride or groom-to-be got cold feet and bailed?

Then, you just lost a boatload of cash.

In Plymouth County, couples, on average, spend between $24,000 and $41,000 on the big day according to The Wedding Report, Inc. Imagine paying all of that out for NOTHING.

Well, now that I have you good and paranoid about your engagement, let me make you an offer.

What if I told you that for somewhere between $100 and $200, you can be INSURED for this type of financial loss?*

Well, you’d be right.

You’re not dreaming. This is called Wedding Insurance. It protects you in these situations and given the good weather, I wanted you to know NBA Insurance is your hot spot for it.

So, before you suit up or get something old, borrowed, new and blue, give us a call to get a quote: 781.871.5414. You can also email us at TC@NBAInsurance.com.

*(Not an official quote, numbers taken from an article done by WBZ.com)

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