Do You Think We Should Legalize Fireworks?

What do you think when you think 4th of July?


Not a totally surprising answer given the title of this article.

Of course you already know consumer fireworks are illegal in Massachusetts. And yet, there is legislation in the State House that we may go the way of New Hampshire, the beloved “Live-Free-or-Die-ers,” by legalizing fireworks for consumers. You would still need a permit to use them on your property, but hey, it could happen.

There is great danger here. Real implications that need to be considered before legalization.

The NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) published a report on fireworks statistics based on results from the year 2009. The following statistics apply to the activity that occurred in 2009.

-There were more than 8,800 fireworks-related injuries.

-There were more than 18,000 fires caused by fireworks.

(Source: NFPA 2009 Statistics & Fact Sheet)

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