So What Kind of Person Actually *Needs* Life Insurance?

There’s a common misconception that no one really needs life insurance until they are at a higher risk of dying (ie. if they’re really old). This isn’t the case at all.

Life insurance policies should be purchased regardless of age. In fact, if you make the investment in a term-life policy when you are younger, you will pay a much lower rate.*

A life insurance policy, as you probably already know, kicks in after your death and your beneficiary is awarded the amount of life insurance you purchase. Many people purchase life insurance to help their families curb funeral costs among other expenses for which the insured (now deceased) would have liked to provided assistance, had they still been alive.

New parents and newlyweds are also good candidates to purchase life insurance to financially protect and support each other and their children (including future children) in case of death.

If you’d like to get a quote on a life insurance policy, give our office a call at 781-871-5414.


*To get an exact figure on what you’d pay, call us and we can give you a quote. Premiums vary based on health history, age, among other factors.

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