How to Keep You and Your Pets Cool in Extreme Heat

July 22, 2011

So, the forecast today is in the triple-digits. Yes, we still live in Boston.

Keep these tips in mind as you make your way through today.

1. Don’t shy from turning on your air conditioners.

2. Drink NON-alcoholic beverages. Alcohol dehydrates you. Stay hydrated.

3. Wear appropriate clothing. That means no turtlenecks.

4. Schedule outdoor activities so they are in the morning or late afternoon, avoiding the heat of the day.

5. Monitor those at risk of heat-related illness (adults over 65 & children).

6. Do NOT leave children or pets in cars.

7. Limit sun exposure.

8. If possible, stay inside.

[SOURCE: CDC Extreme Heat Guide]

Roof Collapsings: Did You Know? And Fun Snow Comics.

February 2, 2011

On Channel 7, I just saw about 5 stories on roof collapsings all having occurred around Boston and up through the North Shore and New Hampshire. Jeremy Reiner shared a map indicating that depending on the region of MA you live in, roofs have to be able to sustain a specific amount of weight per square foot– specifically because of all the snow we get.

Boston, North Shore and South Shore roofs must sustain weight between 30 and 40 pounds per square foot. As you goto the Cape, the numbers decrease to about 20-25 pounds. Central MA was around 25-30 and Western MA requires roofs to sustain 40 lbs or more.

Many of the roofs that collapsed were those of commercial buildings because of the flat top. This reminded me, of course, of the ice dam madness that occurs most frequently (and more likely) on low pitch roofs. Click here to see that post.

As far as I could tell, no one is reported injured, but in most instances, there were people inside. How totally freaky that must have been.

This also means that there has got to be at least 30-40 pounds of snow per square foot on our roofs! And this is not coming to an end just yet– apparently, there’s another snownnoyance* on Saturday.

*snownoyyance = snow annoyance

Here are a few funny snow-comics. Click the thumbnails to see the full comic.

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Is This a Record-Breaking Snow Season? Check Out These Stats.

January 31, 2011

This year’s 2010-2011 Snow Season seems like it’s been hard on us. But really, we’ve just hit 60″ of snow– far below the record brought by the 1995-1996 snow season of 107″.

Yet, we’re still 20″ above normal for Boston snow totals (the average being around 48″).

January 2011 does rank at the 3rd snowiest January (1st being 2005 and 2nd being 1996).

And still, I don’t know if you’ve heard, but we potentially have another whopper coming Tuesday & Wednesday. As a graduate student, I view storms as snow days, but otherwise, I have to admit. This is getting a little exhausting.

Here are some stats on snow totals below:

Greatest Snow Totals:

107.6 1995-1996

96.3 1993-1994

89.2 1947-1948

85.1 1977-1978

83.9  1992 – 1993

Most Snow in 1 Day:

21.0     Jan 20 1978

Most Snow in 2 Days:

27.1     Feb 6-7 1978

Most Snow in 3 Days:

27.1     Feb 5-7 1978

Snow Accumulation Records:

Number of Days           Total            Starting Date

10                                 36.6              Jan 1 1996

20                                 48.6               Jan 19 1978

30                                58.8               Jan 9 1978

40                               66.7               Jan 7 1945

50                                72.0            Dec 25 1993

60                               79.8               Dec 29 1993




Boston Seasonal Snow Totals


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Blizzard Warning! Counties Affected and a Handy-Dandy Radar Map

December 25, 2010

So, it’s Christmas night and we’re on the brink of what looks to be a pretty significant storm. Blizzard is the buzz word of the moment with a warning for the Greater Boston Area: Plymouth, Norfolk, Bristol, and Essex counties. It even reaches to southern Worcester county.

Then, as you go south of Boston toward the Cape, the blizzard-ness of the storm decreases into what I guess weathermen would call a “Really Bad Storm”.

Check out this map to see the forecasted accumulations.

Here’s a list of the current watches and warnings from 7News.

So, when they say blizzard warning, that means stay home. Don’t go out. If you think you have to go out, think twice. It’s not worth risking it. And even if you drive a 4×4, you are not Superman. Don’t try to be.

After the storm passes though, we should remember that MA just passed the new legislature that homeowner’s are absolutely liable for slips and falls on their property. Make sure to shovel your driveway or have a close friend/family member do it for you. Sand it and add dirt for traction to avoid these instances. If you take these precautions, you will have acted “reasonably”. For more information on this legislation, read my recent post on it or just read this blurb below:

Homeowners and businessowners need to abide by the clause, “act like a reasonable person.” What do they mean? Expense of snow removal and Seriousness/probability of harm are factors in deciding if a person/homeowner acted reasonably. It is a retroactive rule, therefore applicable to all pending claims with a 3-year statute of limitations.

For a list of safe driving tips, check out‘s. It’s pretty comprehensive (AKA really long), but you should still read it. If you have a short attention span, skim it, get the gist that you shouldn’t drive, and stay home. 🙂

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Friday means… Fun Things to Do This Weekend! #insurance #boston #southshore

August 27, 2010

1. Watch the movie, Up at the DCR Hatch Memorial Shell

Free admission! TONIGHT!

2. Freedom Trail Run. 8:30AM TOMORROW.

Go on a guided run on the freedom trail in Boston!

Free! You also get a free boat ride from Charlestown and a free tee shirt!

3. MHS (Massachusetts Historical Society) Tours starting @ 10:00am in Boston, MA

Check out their website for more info!

4. Boston Chocolate Tour

Let the Boston Chocolate Tour Guides tour you through Faneuil Hall’s best tastes. Sound delicious? It’s TOMORROW.

3:30pm, Godiva Chocolate, Faneuil Hall, Boston

5. Avon Flea Market, Every Saturday – 8am to 3pm (till end of October)

Center of Avon, MA (RT 28) Look for the big white church, the Avon Baptist Church.

email for more information


The Broadcove Ballroom parking lot

Hours are from 9-2, come see our vendors and what they have brought for you this month. Antiques, used furniture, glass & china, prints & paintings, box lots, tools, kids items, mirrors and more, you just never know what they will bring with them.

7. The Annual Marshfield Fair 

From Aug. 20-Aug. 29, 2010 at 140 Main St., Marshfield, MA. 02050

SATURDAY AND SUNDAY, Admission is $10

8. Blue Ribbon Members’ Exhibition at South Shore Art Center

Saturday & Sunday

For more info, click here.