Live Paperless. NBA Insurance Lists 5 Incentives

July 28, 2010

As we move further into our very techie age, more and more companies encourage their consumers to go paperless. In truth, a lot of people don’t take advantage of what going paperless has to offer. Many customers are reluctant to make the switch. They see online billing as just another way computers are taking over the world or another way they can compromise their privacy.

Of course, that’s not the case. We don’t live in the movie iRobot. Online banking is typically very high on security. For these things, I am grateful.

However, these consumers fail to see the benefits:

1. Getting e-statements from your companies is very eco-friendly. No more paper pushing on either end. You’re saving trees.

2. Convenience. You don’t have to waste a check from your checkbook or spend money on a stamp. (I’m sure everyone has already heard they’re raising the price of stamps again soon!)

3. Billing fees are either eradicated or greatly reduced. Our choice for auto insurance: Commerce Insurance, for example, cuts out billing fees entirely if you switch to EFT (electronic funds transfer)!

4. You never lose your information because it’s all online. Always in the same place. Think of how easily we lose bank statements and receipts at home!

5. Get a kickback. Companies will sometimes pay you for going paperless. Citizens Bank, for example, implemented their Greensense program in 2008. It turns off your paper statements and reimburses you for it!

If you’re interested in switching to EFT with any of our companies, give our office a call! You won’t regret it! ūüôā

#Bonnie Makes Land Fall in Florida, Headed to Gulf: How it Will Affect #BP Oil Spill

July 23, 2010


In light of Tropical Storm Bonnie’s landfall in Florida and forecasted movement to the Gulf, the oil spill clean up crews have evacuated today, postponing clean up work until after the storm. According to US Official Admiral Thad Allen, this evacuation could add 12 days to the amount of time required to finish the clean up job (Source).

Tropical Storm Bonnie landed in Florida sustaining winds up to 40mph this morning. It is expected to strengthen significantly when it moves into the Gulf; it could possibly be upgraded to a hurricane.

According to meteorologists at, Bonnie’s movement over the BP Gulf Oil Spill will have significant effects on the lingering oil in the water. It will have what they call the “Hurricane Alex” effect. Alex was a hurricane that hit southern Texas in June (during the oil spill). This storm proved that hurricanes can actually move the oil in the water either washing it ashore on a coast that may have been previously unaffected¬†or making it disappate into the far ocean. Exactly where the oil goes depends on the size and strength of the storm.

Can this thing make it rain oil?

No way.

You said the hurricane season is going to be more active… So what does that mean for the spill?

Basically, there is a greater risk for oil to build up onto Gulf/Florida coastlines. However, sometimes, the storm can make things work advantageously and cause the oil to break down and dissipate. Unfortunately, the storms also call for the evacuation of clean up crews from the oil spill area- this really puts the whole business behind schedule.

To see some hurricane tips, check out CNN’s 5 Quick Tips to Hurricane-Proof Your Home.

NBA #Insurance: Protecting You and Your #Environment on the #SouthShore

July 9, 2010


Did you know that every year, the average American¬†trashes¬†so much¬†office paper that he or she could construct a 12-foot wall all the way from Los Angeles to New York City? That’s nearly 3,000 miles of wasted paper! (Source: Clean Air Council)

Unlike many offices and organizations, NBA Insurance Agency, Inc. has taken notice of this issue. We shred and recycle all of our excess paper.

By shredding and recycling a great deal of our policy files, we are not only helping the environment, but also the client’s privacy. You can trust that your information is¬†safe with us.

For more information on how you can “go green,” you can check out the Town of Plymouth’s site on how to get active in recycling¬† and overall eco-friendliness.