Valentine’s Day – What to Do in the Area When You’re in Love or “Single and Bitter”

February 11, 2011

I went scoping on the internet to see what kinds of events will be taking place this Monday. Whether you hate Valentine’s Day or love it, I’ve accumulated a solid list of activities and events taking place the whole day through.

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Really Cool Stuff: Norwell, MA Resident Writes Book on Local History

November 15, 2010

So for a while now, I have been trying to write a book. I’m actually getting somewhere finally. I’m doing this for my Master’s Thesis in English. The comic to the right kind of sums up how my experience began.

Then, reading – my source for local news online – I came across an article on a local writer and his journey writing a book about the town- a topic that has literally been staring at me in my face for the twenty-odd years I’ve lived here.

Local Norwell, MA resident Sam Olson wrote Narrative of South Scituate & Norwell (1849-1963) Remembering its Past and the World Around it. My first thought, of course, is that this would be a great Christmas gift to any long-time Norwell resident. My own family has been here for over fifty years! (Wow.) And it also brings me hope that just because I’m from a small town, doesn’t mean I am capable of only small things.

The following passage has been taken from’s article on the story:

Olson said his goal for the book is “to make Norwell history more understandable” for Norwell residents and those curious about the town’s history.  And the goal of the historical society, who’s sponsoring the book’s publication, is merely to make the information accessible and available to Norwell residents, both adults and children.

Quite honestly, I know very little about my town’s history even though I have lived here my whole life. It wouldn’t be fair of me to speak for others my age who have lived here their whole lives, but it may be true for them as well: the only thing I really know of my town’s history is that it was once known as South Scituate and that there is a Historical House on Norwell Avenue called “The Norwell House.” And I think it’s because the founder of Norwell (Henry Norwell?) lived there sometime in the 19th century. I emphasize the I think part of that statement.

For curious readers, there will be a book release party hosted by the Norwell Historical Society on Friday, Nov. 12, from 7-9 p.m., at the Cushing Center. At the party you can also pick up a copy of The ABC’s of Norwell which is written by Gertrude Daneau — which seems like an easy-to-understand handy guide to understanding the town’s personality through local landmarks and stories.

If you’d rather buy online, you can find it at Amazon: A Narrative of South Scituate & Norwell (1849-1963) Remembering its Past and the World Around it by Sam Olson.

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Friday means… Fun Things to Do This Weekend! #insurance #boston #southshore

August 27, 2010

1. Watch the movie, Up at the DCR Hatch Memorial Shell

Free admission! TONIGHT!

2. Freedom Trail Run. 8:30AM TOMORROW.

Go on a guided run on the freedom trail in Boston!

Free! You also get a free boat ride from Charlestown and a free tee shirt!

3. MHS (Massachusetts Historical Society) Tours starting @ 10:00am in Boston, MA

Check out their website for more info!

4. Boston Chocolate Tour

Let the Boston Chocolate Tour Guides tour you through Faneuil Hall’s best tastes. Sound delicious? It’s TOMORROW.

3:30pm, Godiva Chocolate, Faneuil Hall, Boston

5. Avon Flea Market, Every Saturday – 8am to 3pm (till end of October)

Center of Avon, MA (RT 28) Look for the big white church, the Avon Baptist Church.

email for more information


The Broadcove Ballroom parking lot

Hours are from 9-2, come see our vendors and what they have brought for you this month. Antiques, used furniture, glass & china, prints & paintings, box lots, tools, kids items, mirrors and more, you just never know what they will bring with them.

7. The Annual Marshfield Fair 

From Aug. 20-Aug. 29, 2010 at 140 Main St., Marshfield, MA. 02050

SATURDAY AND SUNDAY, Admission is $10

8. Blue Ribbon Members’ Exhibition at South Shore Art Center

Saturday & Sunday

For more info, click here.